Gliffy in HTML5 Now in Atlassian OnDemand!

By Carole Snitzer on Feb 27, 2013 in Latest & Greatest

If you use Atlassian Confluence OnDemand, you are in for a treat. Because as of today, you have access to Gliffy’s fast and powerful HTML5 editor! You can get a closer look by signing up for one of our Gliffy Confluence Plugin in OnDemand webinars. The new editor is sleeker, snappier, and better integrated with…

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Confluence 5… Is… Coming!

By Carole Snitzer on Feb 21, 2013 in Latest & Greatest

Hooray! Atlassian leaked a tempting teaser of the upcoming Confluence 5: If you want to know more about what coming in Confluence 5, check out the Atlassian blogs. Here at Gliffy, we’re particularly excited about how much faster Confluence 5 is going to be. And the slick new interface makes our diagrams look even better!

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Diagram Tips: Drawing Guides

By Carole Snitzer on Feb 08, 2013 in Tips and Tricks

Here’s the situation: You are drawing a big diagram. I mean BIG. Maybe it’s an org chart representing dozens of people. Or it could be a flow chart laying out your most intricate departmental process. Perhaps it’s a BPMN that shows all the ways visitors come to and interact with your web site. Whatever it…

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Free Diagram Template: Djedi the BPMNbot

Once a month, we post a free, downloadable Gliffy template here on the Pirate (B)log. This month, we’re offering a BPMN of our pet robot, Djedi, for you to download. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) let you graphically represent complex business process flows. Todd Espiritu Santo, who embodies the popular Gliffy combo of software engineer…

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Happy New Year to Project Night Night!

By Carole Snitzer on Jan 17, 2013 in Latest & Greatest

2012 was an amazing year for Gliffy. We welcomed a few new team members, we released the full HTML5 version of our popular Confluence Plugin, and we introduced Visio Imports with the Enterprise Edition of the Gliffy Confluence Plugin. In fact, it was such an amazing year that we just had to share. At the…

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Guest blog: Using diagrams for Tempo marketing with Gliffy’s add-on for Confluence

This is a guest blog post from Jessie VanderVeen, Product Marketing Manager for Tempo plugin for JIRA. Easy diagramming for Tempo using Confluence At Tempo, our team uses both JIRA and Confluence for its collaborative functionality and interactive features (and, of course, we use Tempo for planning and time tracking on our JIRA issues!). We…

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Diagram Tips: Styling Text and Links

By Carole Snitzer on Dec 05, 2012 in Tips and Tricks

True story: A few weeks ago, we had a meeting to introduce one of the newest members of the Gliffy team to the Gliffy Confluence Plugin. And as Eric demonstrated the HTML viewer for the Gliffy Confluence Plugin, Ron called out, “Wait, you mean you can add web links to Gliffy diagrams? Why don’t more…

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