Transitioning to HTML5/JavaScript development

By Clint Dickson on Oct 31, 2012 in Let's Talk Tech

Recently, my duties changed from being primarily a Flash-based application developer to primarily being a HTML5/JavaScript developer.  I’m sure there are many developers who have undergone this change, however, my experience may be unique. Most Flash developers come from the Flex side, while I come from the OpenLaszlo side. OpenLazlo is similar to Flex, in…

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Gliffy Online Update – Auto-save and more!

By Clint Dickson on Jul 19, 2011 in Latest & Greatest

Power outages or browser crashes giving you the blues? Even worse, you’re in the middle of creating that soon to be Emmy nominated flowchart on how to improve the stability of your new computer when good ol’ Murphy lays down the law. If you’ve been working on a diagram and suddenly something crashes that makes…

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New Year == New Stuff!

By Clint Dickson on Jan 03, 2011 in Latest & Greatest

Happy New Year everybody! We hope your new year’s resolutions are in full effect and going smoothly (this includes creating more Gliffy diagrams, of course). We’ve got some new updates for Gliffy Online, which include a few new features, bug fixes and improvements. Highlighting the list are some more improvements to simplify the way you…

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