Shortcuts for Writing technical docs in 30m or less

By Rocco Balsamo on May 12, 2017 in Let's Talk Tech

…so that I can get back to what I’m paid for: writing great code. tl;dr Summarize (in a tl;dr section like this!). Use great free tools to get screenshots and visual aids. Use keyboard shortcuts and your copy/paste buffer efficiently to avoid intermediate files whenever possible. Too Long; Didn’t Read The purpose of a tl;dr…

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One Keystroke to Speedy Code

Earlier this year, we focused on top feature requests like layers, better printing and copying of styles. But as developers, when we add features or even fix bugs, we sometimes also inadvertently SLOOOOOWWWW down our code over time. This is a developer-centric article about a technique we’ve developed to profile any piece of javascript code…

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Optimizing to Prevent Nerd Rage, part 2

By Rocco Balsamo on Nov 15, 2012 in Let's Talk Tech

On Tuesday we looked at optimizing for programmer time and usability. Now on to to final component: Optimize for Speed Fortunately, today the tools for profiling and finding bottlenecks are quite good. The choices are varied: Firebug, Chrome developer tools and IE developer tools. For the uber ‘leet, there’s Speed Tracer for chrome. For this…

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