Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.4 Now Available in Atlassian Marketplace

By Tiffany Beddow on Jul 02, 2013 in Latest & Greatest

Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.4 extends and improves its popular feature suite to streamline your workflow and help you more easily create effective visual communications. With this new release, Gliffy welcomes license management and payments through Atlassian, adds new language packs, and extends Visio import functionality to all users. Atlassian Marketplace Ready! Customers upgrading from a…

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Gliffy Online Accelerates with HTML5 & Google Drive

We’re very happy to announce the latest version of Gliffy Online—now completely rebuilt around an HTML5 editor with ultrafast response rates and an impressively improved feature set. The next time you use Gliffy Online you’ll notice the dramatic difference. HTML5 offers you stable, secure access to built-in features unavailable using a plugin like Flash.  Be sure to sign…

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NEW Themes & Templates

By Tiffany Beddow on May 07, 2013 in Video Tutorials

When computer monitors became available in full color, early design thinker and usability guru Donald Norman noted how much more likely people were to spend time working and being productive on the color models. Norman famously said what we now all know to be true: “attractive things work better.” We agree: when something is beautiful,…

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Speaking Your Language: Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.2 Now Available

By Tiffany Beddow on Apr 23, 2013 in Latest & Greatest

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? Pratar du svenska? Confluence customers around the world have been vocal about how much they love Gliffy’s revamped HTML5 editor. Since its October release, we’ve heard tons of happy talk about improved speeds, smoother Confluence integration, and ease of use. Now Gliffy is pleased to respond using its users’ native…

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Spacing out just got productive… with Evenly Distributed Shapes!

Gliffy’s most requested feature, the ability to evenly distribute shapes, is now here! Here’s the scenario: You have multiple shapes on the canvas that you want to space out evenly. Now you can instantly align and distribute your shapes with just a few simple clicks. Used in conjunction with snap-to-grid and drawing guides, you’ll now have perfectly spaced…

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