Top Ten Pro Flowchart Tips

By Zack Kushner on Apr 21, 2016 in Tips and Tricks

Creating a flowchart online with Gliffy is simple. Turning your creation into a professional-quality example of a flowchart isn’t much harder — you just need to heed our top ten pro flow chart tips. Size Matters A flowchart is most useful when it fits on one page (or screen). If the process you’re plotting is…

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How to Create a Network Diagram with Gliffy

By Zack Kushner on Apr 19, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
free network diagram template

Drawing network diagrams with Gliffy is easy regardless of which type of network topology you’re working with. Take the intuitive Gliffy interface for a quick test drive and soon you’ll be diagramming like a pro. In this example, we’ll plot out a basic network diagram, but these techniques will apply to all network diagram types…

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Top Signs that Your Org Is Broken

By Liza Mock on Apr 14, 2016 in Tips and Tricks
djedi in broken organization

Are you and the people you work with happy? Is it easy to get your job done without jumping through hoops? If yes, chances are your organization is healthy. If no, there may be fundamental structural flaws in the way the business is set up. Start by asking yourself if you can relate to the…

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How to Add Diagrams to Your Blog

By Liza Mock on Apr 12, 2016 in Stories,Tips and Tricks
How to be a better blogger

Blogs are one of life’s great equalizers. Anyone with access to a computer can create one. They can be about anything. And readers have total control when it comes to whether they choose to look on or look away. Blogs open up little corners of people’s lives to those whose lives are very different. Perhaps…

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Google Drive Integration is Here!

By Liza Mock on Apr 07, 2016 in Latest & Greatest
Gliffy + Google Drive = LOVE

As many of us move away from the traditional office to work remotely, and teams spread out across the globe, the ability to collaborate over long distances becomes more important than ever. Gliffy is a great tool for teams no matter where they are, because it is accessible from any computer anywhere. But we wanted…

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Venn Diagram Types & Templates

By Zack Kushner on Apr 05, 2016 in Tips and Tricks

Euler and Venn diagrams come in a few different flavors. To help you get started creating your own diagrams, we’ve assembled this collection of time-saving templates. Just click any image below and it will open in Gliffy all ready for you to personalize and save. Two-Set Diagrams The most basic Venn diagrams feature two overlapping…

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Understanding Flowchart Symbols

By Zack Kushner on Apr 01, 2016 in Tips and Tricks

Each variety of flowchart shape has its own specific meaning. While you can create a flowchart online using only the most common symbol types, knowing how to make a flowchart using them all can come in handy. We’re here to help. Welcome to Gliffy’s guide to understanding flowchart symbols. Basic Flowchart Shapes A rectangle with…

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In the Spirit of Giving

By Liza Mock on Mar 29, 2016 in Giving Back

One of the best things about working at Gliffy is that we get to give back in a way that’s really meaningful to individual employees. Every quarter, each of us gets a chance to nominate a charity of our choice and we donate 5% of our profits. On top of that, we’ve recently joined Atlassian…

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The Turtle and the Hare: A Recap of 3 Days of Downtime

By Eric Chiang on Mar 25, 2016 in Stories

Like many companies, Gliffy has been on a journey to migrate our services to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. In fact, our latest Atlassian add-on product, Gliffy Diagrams in JIRA Cloud, was built from the ground up using an IaaS and architected as a collection of microservices enabled by Docker.

Being pragmatic, we chose to migrate pieces of our Gliffy Online (GO) platform towards this architecture over time rather than take on a complete rewrite. Therefore, the bulk of our GO infrastructure still resides at a fully-managed hosting provider. It was this part of our infrastructure that suffered downtime as a result of a simple human error.

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Can Google Drive Replace Microsoft Word?

By Liza Mock on Mar 16, 2016 in Let's Talk Tech,Stories

We at Gliffy consider ourselves to be a tech-forward office. We’re usually up on the latest gadgets, software, games and Kickstarter campaigns. And while Gliffy diagrams can be added to Word, PowerPoint and Google Drive with equal ease, most of us will choose Google Drive over Microsoft hands down. Is it really because one is…

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